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What Makes us Unique?

APF Hospice's highly skilled professionals provide medical care, spiritual support, and social services you can rely on. We get to know our patients and their family members personally. They become our extended families. If a patient has an unusual need or request, we go the extra mile in trying to fulfill it.


Who is Eligible? 

Patients diagnosed with a life-limiting condition with a prognosis of 6 months or less, should the disease follow its natural course.  Patients with illnesses in which curative measures are no longer effective, appropriate, or desired.


Cost and Coverage

Hospice care costs are fully covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurance plans. The covered costs include costs for services, medications, medical supplies, and home medical equipment related to the diagnosis. APF Hospice will assist patients in determining eligibility for coverage.



  •  Registered Nurses and LVNs

  •  Patient Case Managers

  •  Medical Directors

  •  Hospice Aides

  •  Chaplains

  •  Social Workers

  •  Bereavement Coordinators

  •  Nutritional Counselors

  •  Volunteers

Our Hospice Team

  •  Cancer

  •  ALS

  •  Alzheimer's

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • End-Stage Renal Disease

  •  End-Stage Dementia

  • Lung, Liver, and Kidney Disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  •   Pulmonary Disease

  •   Heart Disease

  •   Stroke

  •   AIDS

  •   Others

In Home Hospice Expert

  •  Expert hospice nursing care, coordinated with your physician

  •  Medication oversight

  •  Pain management

  •  Wound care

  •  Medical equipment and supplies

  •  Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy

  •  Nutritional counseling

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  •  Assistance with personal care and daily living activities

  •  Spiritual and bereavement counseling and support from our chaplains

  •  Social and psychological counseling and support groups for patients and family

  •  Bereavement support for the family after the passing of a loved one

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