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APF Hospice is here to provide you with all of your hospice needs, We provide a number of services that are essential for living the best quality live one can have.

Expert hospice nursing care, coordinated with your physician

 Registered nurses coordinates care for every patient, provide direct patient care, monitor medications and check symptoms. The nurse maintains communication with the physician as the patient's condition and treatment changes warrants

Wound care

It is imperative to first establish an effective plan for wound care that includes determining the prognosis of the patient, their condition and the potential they have for their wound(s) to heal. 

Medication oversight and Nutritional counseling

operating within the scope of applicable licenses and/or certifications providing reminders or cues for recipients to take appropriate dietary intake, medication, open preset medication containers, handle and/or dispense medication.


Medical equipment and supplies

Having the proper medical equipment in good working condition and the medical supplies required allows patients to receive care in the location of their choice.

Pain management

pain management means keeping the patient comfortable and addressing their symptoms, so they have the best possible quality of life.



Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy

Daily living tasks such as walking, dressing, or feeding oneself can become challenging during an illness. Therapists help the patient develop new ways to accomplish these task.

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